The 2012 Burn Mountain Rock Festival was held from Friday 20 to  Sunday 22 July at the Pantiaz ski-lift station in La Chapelle D'Abondance -74360 France.

The event was bigger than ever and we attracted bikers from near and far within France (big welcome to the contingent from La Toussuire who even brought the pet dog) as well as bikers who arrived from Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Portugal - cool. 

In addition to Free Entry & Free Camping, we had some amazing trials biking, and jumping displays, great food, ride-outs and on Sunday after a blessing for the bikes and bikers Camille - our President led an escorted group up the Col du Rochasssons. 

A special thanks to The Mairie and Tourist Office of La Chapelle d'Abondance for their support and assistance, and to our Sponsors and everyone who helped this years event be such a huge success.

If you missed it, then shame on you -  we have added loads of photos from the 2012 event (scroll down and down and down the following link) to show why you MUST come to in 2013...

Meantime please put these dates in your diary now -

Friday 19 to Sunday 21 July 2013.

See you there!

 burn mountain rock 2012 dosflyers


2012 Programe and Sponsor Brochure (14Mo)


  Artists Friday, 20 July 2012

Guss & Co'

Guss and Co 10    Guss and Co 9   Guss and Co 6   Guss and Co 3   Guss and Co 7   Guss and Co 8




Bredelers 6   Bredelers 2   Bredelers 7   Bredelers 8



Motherockers Gang 8   Motherockers Gang 4    Motherockers Gang 5  Motherockers Gang 7    Motherockers Gang 6




Nevercold 6   Nevercold 4   Nevercold 3   Nevercold 5   Nevercold


Artists Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hot Sisters

Hot Sisters 5    Hot Sisters 4   Hot Sisters 2   Hot Sisters 3   Hot Sisters


Les Autres

Les Autres 6   Les Autres 7   Les Autres 3   Les Autres 5



 Hougan   Hougan 5   Hougan 3

  Hougan 4  Hougan 2




Killers 11   Killers 12   Killers 14   Killers 16  


Fuck Da System

 Fuck Da System 3   Fuck Da System 4   Fuck Da System 8   Fuck Da System 5   Fuck Da System


 Artist - Sunday 22 July 2012

Bob dit l'âne

BOB dit lne 4   BOB dit lne   BOB dit lne 3

who knows live!


Other events and activities

Arthur COUTARD   Arthur COUTARD   Arthur COUTARD 22

Amazing - Trials biking demonstrations  

Arthur COUTARD 5   Arthur COUTARD 7   Arthur COUTARD 14

Scary free-style displays

Arthur COUTARD 15    Arthur COUTARD 10       Arthur COUTARD 3   Arthur COUTARD 19    Arthur COUTARD 21     Arthur COUTARD 23      Arthur COUTARD 26     Arthur COUTARD 25       Arthur COUTARD 17  

 Arthur COUTARD 11         Arthur COUTARD 4 



The exhibitors had on offer a impressive range of clothes, accessories and equipment.

exposants   exposants 10   exposants 12   exposants 13   exposants 14   exposants 4   exposants 5   exposants 2   exposants 11   exposants 9      exposants 7   exposants 3 exposants 8

El Presidente - I wonder what he has his eye on?


Spot on target on the Rifle Range meantime a Smashing time was had at the Bottle Break!

jeux 6   jeux 7


Well done to Junior members who helped throughout the festival and kept the Mountain Bonfire Burning all weekend.


jeuns 2   jeuns 3


Daily motorbike rides and challenges arranged by SAMVA  motorcycle club. 

Saturday - a mass ride in the mountains

balade du samedi 2   balade du samedi 3   balade du samedi 5   balade du samedi 6   balade du samedi 9   balade du samedi 8   balade du samedi

Sunday the pre ride Blessing and mass ride up the Col du Rochasson


 Bndiction     Bndiction 5 Bndiction 6     Bndiction 35 Bndiction 51     Bndiction 53 Bndiction 59     Bndiction 57


Then the President lead the climb up the Col du Bassachaux


 balade du dimanche     ballade du dimanche 7


visiteurs 9      visiteurs 8

 ballade du dimanche 17     ballade du dimanche 35

 ballade du dimanche 39     ballade du dimanche 45

 ballade du dimanche 51     ballade du dimanche 72

 ballade du dimanche 73     

ballade du dimanche 83     ballade du dimanche 89ballade du dimanche 123     ballade du dimanche 92















The mini-excavator challenge

jeux 2 The president of the motorbike club having fun!

jeux 4 ... but for some, its their daily skill - or almost!

jeux 5 ... meantime Louis finds a bit of help and assistance from mum  is essential!

jeux ... for others, training rarely begins so early!


American Muscle cars display

voitures amricaines 5   voitures amricaines 9   voitures amricaines 10   voitures amricaines   voitures amricaines 2   voitures amricaines 3   voitures amricaines 4   voitures amricaines 6   voitures amricaines 8   voitures amricaines 7



Burn out - madness - Thank you Screg!

dlires   dlires 6   dlires 4   dlires 2   dlires 5




Burn Mountain Rock Festival 2012

From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 July at the Panthiaz ski-lift station in la Chapelle D'Abondance (74 360)


Free Entry & Free Camping



Burn Mountain Rock Festival 2011

Hello and welcome to this big évènt which attracts most of us. The Festival combines a gathering for motorcyclists, a rock music festival and many biking related events and exhibitions.


The meeting starts with rock concerts on Friday evening and continues to Sunday evening... rock music from mid morning until late night, plus loads of activities (a discovery rally - organised ride outs, trials riding demo's...) for everyones pleasure! Without forgetting on Sunday Morning we have the blessing of motorbikes and bikers to help bring us luck for a new year.


Burn Mountain Rock 2011


Link to : Burn Mountain Rock 2011


Contract for exhibitors and/or sponsors


If you would like to be an exhibitor with a stand at our big festival, please download, complete and return the exhibitor entry form attached.


If you are interested in sponsoring our biking festival, please download, complete and return the attached form.


Brochure, programme and sponsors (14Mo)

Link to: Burn Mountain Rock 2012