Dear bikers, There are only a few rules for the club:-

Art 1: Everyone riding a motorised two wheel vehicle counts as a biker. Except for vicars wearing spandex, riders of pedal assisted mopeds/scooters and motorised skateboards and shopping trolleys.  Electric motorbikes are OK!

Art 2: Bikers demand the same rights as other motorists.

Art 3: But as motorbikes don't have a bumper its shrewd not to mess around too much in traffic.

Art 4: Bikers, are expected to swear like a trooper in the following events: crap weather, crap roads, loose gravel or melted tar, spilt diesel, potholes and slippery manhole covers at junctions.

Art 5:  Bikers are allowed ride a noisy motorcycle (it aids safety), park anywhere, ride along the pavement, filter through queues, and fart in bed (even girls) without pissing their pants!

Art 6: Essential Biker equipment - a Motorcycle Helmet must be worn. (If as soon as it rains, your head is wet, then you are mistakenly wearing the vegetable strainer.) Gloves:  (Check they have enough fingers for your hands). Boots: choose 3 sizes bigger than your normal shoes, so in addition to your feet, it will be easy to stuff with straw, old newspapers and a pair of camel hair socks when it's really cold. Jacket: it must be black with broad shoulders. This helps intimidate cowardly motorists to get out the way. Choose quality cowhide leather - not poor veal !

Art 7: Pillions - A pillion must let the biker know if they are travelling too fast or have not spotted a speed trap. Otherwise they won't take notice.

"Make friends, not war"

Amely & Francky

(Modified by us from an original idea from JoeBar@Valais">JoeBar@Valais>)