Burn Mountain Rock - is an annual 3 day Rock Music Festival and Biking Rally organised by SAMVA Motobike Club with huge assistance from the La Chapelle d'Abondance Tourist Office and loads of brilliant local sponsors.  Its our biggest annual event and this page has been set up to give you a flavour of this crazy annual event and hopefully get you to join us next year.

The Burn Mountain Rock festival runs from Friday to Sunday ... There is live rock music every day mid morning to midnight on Friday and Saturday building to a grand finale on Sunday afternoon which usually features our President in full flow!

Entry to the music Festival is free, and there is free on-site camping throughout the festival.

Bikers will find stands selling all manner of biking gear and accessories, and each day there are events to take part in (rally-discovery(treasure hunts and challenges), road book(a guided mass ride out), trials biking demos and plenty more fun activities and challenges for everyone to have a go!

On Sunday morning after the Bendiction de Motards (blessing of motorcycles and motorcyclists to bring us luck for another year) we organise one last mass ride out before returning to yet more brilliant food, live music and entertainment.



Here is a selection of photos from the BMR 2011 Event :



31072011096   burn montain rock 112   burn montain rock 237   burn montain rock 239   30072011859   burn montain rock 028


The Sunday blessing of bikes and bikers before heading for the hills ...

bndiction 4   bndiction 9   bndiction 10   bndiction 3   bndiction   bndiction 2   bndiction 5   bndiction 6   bndiction 7   bndiction 8


concerts :

Dynamites Riders

 dynamite riders   dynamite riders 75   dynamite riders 3   dynamite riders 8   dynamite riders 51   dynamite riders 41

The Corrosive Candy

the corrosive candy    the corrosive candy 2






asmoday 11    asmoday 2   asmoday 3   asmoday 4   asmoday 6

 Eugène Carton

 eugne carton   eugne carton 2


 natchez   natchez 2


sideburn    sideburn 2   sideburn 3   sideburn 4

Café Bertrand

 caf bertrand   caf bertrand 2   caf bertrand 7   caf bertrand 3   caf bertrand 4   caf bertrand 5

Le gang du Lac Bleu

 le gang du lac bleu   le gang du lac bleu 2   le gang du lac bleu 3


 hougan   hougan 2   hougan 3

Hot Sisters

hot sisters   hot sisters 3   hot sisters 4   hot sisters 5   hot sisters 2   hot sisters 6   hot sisters 7   hot sisters 8


Over 3 days a renowed local graffiti artist settled down to decorate our Presidents well battered campervan:



And there were some burn outs at Burn Mountain Rock ...

p1160183   p1160184


Wow its over for another year ... lets do it again!

 final 2   final